Linen Edition

This brand new linen edition is made of exceptional, high quality and classic ITALIAN linen. Super light and super soft. But most importantly, its the kind of look Sorrentino would use in one of his movies!

Cotton Edition

This first cotton edition is kept clean, classy and easy. Inspired by traditional English nightwear design, we wanted to kick off with this timeless style. There are still some products left on SALE. Either check out the webshop or ask

  • It’s the details, that matter.

  • Delicate piping throughout to round off your pyjamas.

  • Made to last. High quality products guarantee a long life span.

Material & Certificates

Our materials are carefully selected and compiled within Europe. We do the best we can to look into a company and track down fair standards and a high conformance with our moral concepts and beliefs.

  • Italian Linen

    The fabrics of our new linen edition were carefully selected among Italys finest Linen craftsmen. The Tessitura  Carlo Bassetti S.p.A. is one of the oldest and most famous  linen manufacturers within the country, known for its high quality and sustainability standards – which is why we’ve chosen them in the end.

    The Tessitura has awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and subsequently the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for all of their linen articles.

  • Italian Cotton

    We obtain the sky- blue and snow-white fabrics from Italy. They are typical Italian shirting fabrics. When it comes to shirts, Italy is the most unique and indisputable area of tradition.

    Thus, the Lourie fabrics come from a reputable Italian company, that is run by family hand for over three generations now.

  • Dutch Cotton

    The amazon-green and the sea blue-fabrics are a very light version of cotton. That’s how they give you that fresh feeling during the night.

    We get those fabrics from a small Dutch cotton manufacturer.

    They are tested against harmful substances according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

  • Buttons

    We use pearl buttons as well as polyester buttons. Both are easy to handle and promise a long lifespan.

  • Labels

    Further, we obtain our Labels & Etiquettes from a long- established German manufacturer for printed and woven labels. Their products are certified by Ökotex product class 1. They meet the requirements of part XVII of REACH.

The process

Lourie especially aims to be a transparent brand and therefore we want to give you as much insight into the formation process of our pyjamas & robes as possible.

Cut technician

Our pyjamas & robes are developed thoroughly, and what you see now is the result of multiple attempts to design, cut and sew the perfect nightwear. Our items have been worked and reworked, tested and tried for flawless fit, purpose and comfort. Every stitch line is the result of numerous discussions and contemplations.

Louries cut technician is located in Leipzig and she is running a long-established old school textil engineering & design studio. The studio sets emphasis on using less printed paper cuts, focussing on paper free design options.

Production site

The sewing room we work with is a small company. It is located in Posen, which is a small and pretty town in Poland.

Our production site maintains fair working conditions, emphasizing fair pay as well as fair hours. A considerable manual labour is necessary in order to produce our products. Thus, quality as well as integrity are reflected in our price.

All our beloved items are 100% handmade, which means real success and real mistakes. Every seam is guided with care and every pattern piece is cut by hand. On good days this creates perfection, on bad days it may reveal some (sympathetic) flaws.


  • Need something to wear on Saturdays, hungover at home?

    Wearing Lourie pyjamas at least gives the impression of having it all together…

  • Make a gift.

    Mommy can wear them, Granny can, your sister would probably love them too, and your best friends son may want a pair as well.

  • Or just make it your own.

    Have it monogrammed to stop your roommate from stealing it.

This is just the beginning…