The reason why

You gotta know when to be lazy. It’s an art form that benefits everyone.

Those days, when I’m living in my pyjamas, with my hair having that kind-of Albert Einstein look: Those days are holy to me. And they are so essential to my life and my rhythm that inventing the perfect outfit for them is the least I could do.

Slipping into my pyjamas immediately gets me into that Sunday State of Mind.

  • The Sunday State of Mind

    No plans, no schedule, no practice no work to do. Nowhere to go. I feel like it’s those quiet moments when so much more happens. We can get a chance to talk, laugh, be together or simply just finish a nice book.

A short story

Lourie is a tribute to Pyjama Culture.

As clothing has evolved, it seems pyjamas were left behind. I reckoned that pulling over some unstylish and unflattering relics, at night or even as soon as we’re home, is more than common amongst most of us. Therefore I want to step up those Sunday Shenanigans with some more flattering, yet sorted Sunday Suits.

In the end, Lourie wants you to feel pretty and comfortable in your most intimate space.



Forgive me if I sleep until I wake up

Oscar Wilde

  • 1. Relaxation

    We are so connected throughout the day that the greatest luxury isn’t material. It’s the time when we are unplugged and being ourselves.

    Take your time to be silly, snuggle, spoon … do whatever you want, do whatever floats your boat – while wearing our Lourie pyjamas. Life’s better in pyjamas.


  • 2. Priorities

    Lourie is vehement when it comes to sourcing and the quality of material and craftsmanship.  Sophisticated tailoring takes time, which we value and essentially prioritise.

    Therefore, Lourie values the slow process. It is more sustainable. Not only for us, but also for you. It creates awareness.

  • 3. Quality

    The Lourie sortiment is designed for longevity. 

    Every pyjama, every robe is manufactured entirely by hand. 100% handmade. The high quality of Lourie materials combined with careful manual work essentially allows the products to accompany their owner through several life spans.

  • 4. Integrity

    Lourie works with local manufacturers, using fairly produced materials only. Encouraging fair fashion and disarming fast fashion retailers.

    The process of production is thoroughly, fair conditions are applied. Fair payments are made at all levels.